7 Hacks to Look Taller for Men
Apr,28, 2018

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7 Hacks to Look Taller for Men without Gaining Actual Height

For men, height is a vital part of appearance. If you are tall, you are more likely to stand out among your peers. However, if you are short, you may feel like you are at a disadvantage. Many short men want to know how to appear taller. Height is genetic, is there really a way for short guys to look taller? Fortunately, here are a few tips from CandidKnots for how to look taller for men, even if you do not gain any actual height.

1. Wear Outfits That Fits Your Figure

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Wearing clothes that fit your figure, especially your legs, will highlight your body from a vertical perspective rather than horizontal. This is especially important if you are shorter than the average Men.

2. Healthy Posture is Must!

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The straighter you stand, the taller you look. This is obvious for most of us but this is the thing that is often neglected when you want to know how to make yourself look taller. A healthy posture, such as when your neck is aligned vertically with your spine and shoulders, will give you a few extra inches compared to a slumping position or one where your neck is stretched out forward.

Bonus Tip: A healthy posture will give off an air of confidence to the people around you.

3. Right Length of The Pant Is crucial

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For many men who prefer a more casual style, the length and size of your pants may not matter too much, but for short guys who want to know how to appear taller, the size, length, and style of pants is critically important. Wear pants that fit around your legs comfortably, but not too tightly, especially if your legs are thinner or thicker than the average men, which might make you appear too small or too wide. If the pants reach down to your footwear, get them stitched up to expose a bit of your ankles. When you iron your pants, try to iron parallel to the pants legs rather than perpendicular that way any markings left from the ironing should run vertically from your hip down to your feet. This will give the impression that your legs are slightly longer than they actually are.

Bonus Tip 1: Wear a pointed toe shoe – rounded or squared off toes can shorten the foot. Pointed toes visually lengthen the foot and, subsequently, the leg.

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Bonus Tip 2: Keep the shoe below the ankle – this applies to wearing shorts. Low top shoes show more ankle as opposed to high tops or boots that shorten the leg because the rise is past the ankle.

4. Colour Scheme Matters

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When you are wearing a blazer, shirt and pants, try your best to let the colour scheme of each piece fall into the same spectrum. If you were wearing an ocean blue shirt, navy blue pant & navy blue blazer would be acceptable. If you are wearing a red shirt, go for something beige or dark brown as your colour choice for pants & blazer. The point is to minimize the contrast in each piece of your attire, as to minimize the distinction between your upper body and lower body. This will make you seem taller as it becomes less obvious where your torso ends and where your hip begins. This might be a good idea if you were in a fashion show and you want to draw as much attention on yourself as possible.

Bonus Tip 1: Stay in the same colour family – staying in the same colour family streamlines the look and gives an elongating effect

Bonus Tip 2: Stay in the light or dark colours – colours can be different but make sure that the contrasting colour on top. It will draw the eyes up when being looked at.

5. Hairstyle Matters Too

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For shorter men who want to appear taller, a “tall” hair that extends upward may not always be an appropriate choice. If done overboard, such hairstyle might make it seem like you are trying to overcompensate for a lack of height, it might even have the opposite effect you intended by making your face seem smaller. Instead, aim for something modest and subtle. By trimming the sides and leaving more at the top, you are highlighting the length of your face. Combing your straight back might also give off an impression of being taller.

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6. Stay in Shape

You do not have to work towards having the body type of the Greek god Hercules, but regular exercise will help you lose that extra baggage, especially around your waistline. Remember the first point about wearing clothes that fit your frame? That point goes hand in hand with this one.

7. Accessorize Moderately

Some men like big things: Big watches, big neck chains, big cufflinks, and big blazer. However, for shorter men who want to look tall, bigger is not always better. Instead of a large watch, large blazer or a thick gold chain, go small: Wear a smaller wristwatch or a lighter, less flashy chain and right fit blazer. The subtlety of smaller, more modest accessories will make you appear taller. When it comes to neckties, they should be neither too short nor too long. It should reach to just above the belt. A tie that is too long will give an impression that you are small, and a tie that is too long will make you appear fat. Modesty is key. Do not overdo it to neither extreme.