The A - Z Guide to Wearing a Waistcoat
Apr,02, 2018

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If there is one thing that sets you apart as a Man who dresses great, it is a waistcoat. Wear it right & you will look sharp for work, be-charming at weddings and smart at the weekend. More than just an accessory, waistcoats are designed to define your waist and give you a sleeker look.

A FITTING CHOICE: Getting the fit of your waistcoat right is essential to looking well turned out. It should sit close to your body, but not feel constraining so you can move without it gaping. Most waistcoats have a strap at the back that you can adjust to help it fit better, but avoid relying on this too much because you don’t want the material to ruffle.

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TAKE A 2-PIECE TO A 3-PIECE: It’s the look to go for if you want to get ahead at work or you’ve got a dressed-up occasion like the races or a wedding. Select the waistcoat that’s made for the suit and you won’t have to worry about whether or not it looks right. Contrast your tie and shirt combination to bring your outfit to life and feel free to show a bit of personality with the pattern and colour in your accessories. Or, show your easy-going side by ditching the tie and going for an open neck, as long as it won’t look out of place on the day.

CONTRAST YOUR PATTERNS: Basically a 3-piece with a bit more personality, this option brings together contrasting patterns in your waistcoat and suit. Think a checked waistcoat under a plain suit. It’s a bit more ‘out there’, but it’s the look to go for it you want to be smart and still stand out at meetings and upscale dos. Wear a contrasting colour in your tie to add to the layered effect, or keep it simple with a coordinating one.

RETHINK THE 2-PIECE: Rather than going traditional and wearing a jacket and trouser 2-piece, you could replace your jacket with a waistcoat to keep cool on warm days without losing any sense of style. Some waistcoats come with a pocket on the chest so you can add a square and dress it up if you want to.

FINALLY… A last few pointers to bear in mind. Don’t say we’ve not got your back.

  1. Waistcoats have a lining on the back that will be on full show when you take off the jacket. Feel free to be bold with the colour and pattern, but make sure your shirt choice doesn’t clash.

  2. Always leave the bottom button undone. It’s the done thing.

  3. If you choose a skinny fit, it will have slimmer shoulder straps that can create the illusion of bigger muscles – just a heads-up.